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Diverse cultures, great natural beauty and spectacular scenery. Explore the wonders of Kazakhstan.

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Find the perfect souvenir at Almaty, the shopper’s paradise

Buying a souvenir can be a stressful affair. Where do you even begin looking for a good keepsake? Fret not, we’ve got you covered. Here are five places to buy the perfect memento in Kazakhstan –– from traditional handmade items to luxury goods. Tsentralny Univermag Mall (TsUM) Built ...
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Beautiful sights

Immerse yourself in the majestic sights and sounds of Kazakhstan — from snow-capped mountains to expansive steppes.

Bike, raft and hike to your heart’s content in Kazakhstan’s Turgen Valley

Grassy meadows, alpine forests, gushing waterfalls, vast glaciers – you name it, Turgen has it. Home to varied landscapes, Turgen ...
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3 places you should visit in Pavlodar

The old riverside city of Pavlodar, located in north-eastern Kazakhstan, might be known as a major industrial centre. But it ...
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Skate at the world’s highest rink in Medeu

Surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks and pine trees in the winter months, the Medeu ice skating rink just outside Almaty ...
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Gastronomical experiences

Food is the window to the soul. Immerse yourself in the taste of Kazakhstan.

F&B offerings that you didn’t know are famous in Kazakhstan

When discussing F&B offerings in Kazakhstan, it is often the national dish of boiled horse meat, beshbarmak, and the tangy ...
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Your guide to vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Almaty

Meat, especially mutton and horse meat, is a staple in Kazakhstan. But there is no lack of yummy vegetarian and ...
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3 restaurants to include in your Almaty itinerary

Kazakhstan, which borders Russia to the north and China to the East, is also inspired by Turkish culture – the ...
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Immersive cultures

Festivals, events, celebrations. Take a culture trip with us to discover the secrets of Kazakhstan.

Find the perfect souvenir at Almaty, the shopper’s paradise

Buying a souvenir can be a stressful affair. Where do you even begin looking for a good keepsake? Fret not, ...
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Kazakhstan is commemorating the 750th anniversary of the Golden Horde. Here are 4 things to know.

As Kazakhstan gears up to celebrate the 750th anniversary of the Golden Horde this year, some may be wondering what ...
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These Kazakh musical instruments will stir your heart

Kazakhstan’s musical history is steeped in legend and ancient mystique. Every beat and note serves a purpose, from signalling a ...
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Business in Kazakhstan

Investment and business opportunities abound in the land of the great steppe, where more than half the population is under 30.

Half of Kazakhstan is under 30, and these youngsters own the future.

Kazakhstan, which marks 30 years of independence next year, is young not just as a nation. The demographic make-up of ...
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3 reasons why Kazakhstan’s infrastructure is great for investors

Once dismissed as a regional backwater, a misconception reinforced – or perhaps sown – by a 2006 hit mockumentary starring ...
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Here’s why landlocked Kazakhstan is shaping up as a key node in global trade

The challenges that landlocked countries face are obvious: Being cut off from maritime trade limits their access to global markets, ...
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Deep insights

Kazakhstan’s journey since its independence has been nothing short of remarkable. And it is building a strong presence on the world stage.

Beefing up the Kazakh-Australian partnership is a win for all

Kazakhstan has much to offer the world, but to do so it must first overcome geography as it is landlocked ...
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Central Asia good expansion option for startups

When Singapore startups are looking to expand overseas, the go-to destination has always been its backyard in South-east Asia. But ...
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In a post-Covid world, Kazakhstan will be a key node in the road to recovery

The Covid-19 has placed the world in a bind, affecting people, businesses, trade flows and just about all aspects of ...
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