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  •   Dec. 24, 2020

5 things to know about Kazakhstan’s national costume

National costumes offer a window into a country, reflecting its history, culture, even climate. Here are five interesting things to know about the Kazakh ...

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  •   Dec. 22, 2020

Most popular sports in Kazakhstan

Sporting excellence is in Kazakhstan’s DNA — the nomadic lifestyle, vast steppes and harsh climate have shaped its people to be strong physically and mentally.

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  •   Dec. 17, 2020

5 Kazakh films to binge-watch this weekend

Well-known for its emotional and visual depth, contemporary Kazakh cinema has plenty to offer. Contemplative, quirky and honest, the films have garnered ...

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  •   Dec. 15, 2020

When old meets new: Ethnopop, we don’t stop

There is a musical revolution brewing in Kazakhstan. Combining the traditional nomadic culture of Kazakhstan with modern pop elements, the youths of Kazakhstan ...

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  •   Dec. 10, 2020

Chasing girls on horseback: Dating the Kazakh way

Kiss, or get whipped – this pretty much sums up what Kyz Kuu is about. Literally translated as “girl chasing”, Kyz Kuu is a traditional equestrian game ...

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  •   Dec. 8, 2020

Korkyt and Melodies of the Great Steppe: The traditional folk music concert of the Turkic people

Every three years, the vast grassland of Kazakhstan comes alive with the sound of music that draws thousands from the region. The Korkyt and Melodies of ...

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