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  •   July 28, 2020

Visit the ancient city of Otrar

In the middle of the vast Kazakh steppe lies what remains of Otrar, the ruins a stark contrast with its glorious past as a thriving town along the Silk ...

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  •   July 9, 2020

What to see and do in the ancient city of Turkestan

Like much of Kazakhstan, Turkestan draws tourists in search of both history and novelty. The southern ancient city, which dates back to the 4th century, ...

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  •   June 25, 2020

Your guide to riding a horse in Kazakhstan

Horses have long played a central role in Kazakh culture. They were the main mode of transport for nomads crossing the land and are still relied on as ...

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  •   June 10, 2020

3 restaurants to include in your Almaty itinerary

Kazakhstan, which borders Russia to the north and China to the East, is also inspired by Turkish culture – the Arabs introduced Islam to the region in ...

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  •   June 9, 2020

4 festivals to check out in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s rich culture, born of its nomadic traditions and Soviet ties, now bears various Western influences too. Here are four festivals that offer ...

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  •   June 1, 2020

From Astana to Nur-Sultan: Why the capital changed its name

Akmolinsk, Tselinograd, Astana. These are just some names that Nur-Sultan was once known as. Kazakhstan’s capital is the youngest one in the world — it ...

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