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  •   Oct. 1, 2020

Folk music: The beating heart of Kazakhstan

Folk music hardly features in most Spotify lists. With modern mainstream songs the mainstay of music charts and sales, traditional tunes around the world ...

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  •   Sept. 29, 2020

Dimash Kudaibergen: The Kazakhstani pop star that rose to global fame

For his 26th birthday on May 24 this year, Dimash Kudaibergen received an unusual gift – 2,780 trees planted in the north-western desert of China by his ...

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  •   Sept. 23, 2020

3 ways to sample the nomadic lifestyle in Kazakhstan

The nomads of Kazakhstan are experts in self-subsistence and survival, from foraging and hunting for food to enduring the harsh extremes of its climate ...

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  •   Sept. 11, 2020

Meet Daneliya Tuleshova, the small girl with a big voice

With a refreshing combo of powerful pipes and demure looks, 14-year-old Daneliya Tuleshova has won fans around the world and, in the process, put her country ...

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  •   Aug. 25, 2020

The most beautiful mosques of Kazakhstan

Opened in 2012, the colossal Hazret Sultan Mosque in Nur-Sultan boasts the largest dome in Kazakhstan. At 11ha, it is one of the largest mosques in Asia, ...

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  •   Aug. 11, 2020

Why you need to see the Ruins of Sauran in Kazakhstan

Like the ghost town of Otrar, the ruins of Sauran in South Kazakhstan serve as a window into its storied past, when trade along the Silk Road flourished.

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